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The capabilities of Perfex CRM Addons Can be significantly enhanced by the inclusion of third-party modules and add-ons. In this guide we’ll discuss the top perfect CRM add-ons do, what they can do and the best way to make use of to help you get more done.

Perfex CRM Addons was built with the notion that it can be expanded with custom development or other third-party modules. This is why there’s a broad selection of these modules as well as extensions that allow users to enhance their customer relationship management system. They range from new payment options, to more effective communication, email, to many more.

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Saas Perfex CRM Addons

Perfex 50+ Thirdparty Modules to Integrate in your SaaS

  1. Perfex Accounting And Bookkeeping
  2. Perfex Rest API
  3. Perfex Appointly
  4. Perfex Automation Manager
  5. Perfex Database Backup
  6. Perfex CSV Export Manager
  7. Perfex File Sharing
  8. Perfex Fixed Equipment
  9. Perfex Management
  10. Perfex Goals
  11. Perfex HR Payroll
  12. Perfex HR Records
  13. Perfex Human Resources
  14. Perfex Management
  15. Perfex Marketing Automation
  16. Perfex Mailbox
  17. Perfex Manufacturing
  18. Perfex Management
  19. Perfex Menu Setup
  20. Perfex Omni Sales
  21. Perfex CRM Powerful Chat
  22. Perfex Purchase
  23. Perfex Recruitment
  24. Perfex Staff Booking Module
  25. Perfex Surveys
  26. Perfex Telegram Notification
  27. Perfex Theme Style
  28. Perfex Timesheet Attendance Management
  29. Perfex Warehouse
  30. Perfex Webhooks
  31. Perfex ZOOM Meeting
  32. Perfex Spreadsheet
  33. Perfex Team Passwords
  34. Perfex Whatsapp Chat
  35. Perfex Landing Page Builder
  36. Perfex Multi-factor Authentication
  37. Perfex Lead Manager
  38. Perfex Advanced Email System Module
  39. Perfex Diagramy
  40. Perfex Custom Email & SMS Notifications
  41. Perfex Affiliate Management
  42. Perfex Sales Commission
  43. Perfex Customer Loyalty & Membership
  44. Perfex Translations For All Languages And Modules
  45. Perfex PerfexWiki
  46. Perfex Ideas Hub And Challenges
  47. Perfex Elite Custom JS And CSS
  48. Perfex Custom Links
  49. Perfex Products [Subscription And Invoice]
  50. Perfex Account Planning
  51. Perfex Customer Feedback
  52. Perfex OKR (Objectives And Key Results)
  53. Perfex Perfex CRM Email Builder
  54. Perfex Perfex Ecommerce Shop
  55. Perfex Staff Workload
  56. Perfex Custom Task Filters
  57. Perfex Advanced To Do Manager
  58. Perfex Suppliers
  59. Perfex AIO Support Contact Module
  60. Perfex Task Bookmarks By Group

Perfex Mail and Sms Communication Addons

If you’re really looking to connect all your communication options in one platform installing your “Mailbox – Webmail integrated e-mail client to Perfex CRM Addons” on Perfex is a excellent idea. This will integrate a mailbox application on your dashboard. Once you’ve enabled it the mailbox client, staff and you members can create, send and maintain IMAP email directly within your dashboard for CRM.

This means they don’t need to transfer to another email account and also you won’t need to invest in the cost of a Webmail client.

One of our top extensions for Perfex CRM Addons is the “Custom SMS and Email Notifications”. Perfex CRM Addons is “Custom SMS and email notifications for Perfex CRM Addons”. This is really awesome in the sense that it lets employees to send customized texts and emails directly to customers directly from the backend of Perfex CRM Addons.

Emails are wonderful, but when you send texts, your messages are more specific and also with real-time intervals. This is an extremely unique feature that your company could provide and which your competitors don’t.

The most essential element of any sales effort is scheduling an appointment with your prospective client . To do this there are numerous tools available online that allow you to share an email and let someone to schedule a meeting themselves on your calendar. But, them are inaccessible with no cost, or effective but expensive.

There’s a great module that works with Perfex CRM Addons which copies the functionality and is integrated directly with the program. It lets your customers auto-plan meetings using the Google calendar or Outlook calendar integration .

It also comes with an array of other options like SMS notifications, forms that are external as well as a full integration with the customer feature included in your default Perfex CRM Addons.

Perfex CRM Addons for your Business Clients

Perfex CRM Addons nulled modules is an module that was built using PHP for your SaaS, JavaScript, and jQuery. It is able to allow live, real-time chat communications. Imagine intercom but hosted by itself. It utilizes websockets instead of HTTP requests, which means your server will be fast, and allows users and employees to talk to each other in real-time.

There are more sophisticated features, such as creating group chats, exporting conversation and even generating tickets from these conversations.

If you’re in search of real-time communication and don’t want to spend a huge amount of money for something similar to Intercom or LiveChat it’s an ideal alternative.

Concerning sales another module offered in this CRM is”Sales Compensation Program. “Sales Commissions Program to Perfex CRM Addons”. This is extremely helpful for the sales representatives in your company since you are able to use Commission to promote items and products.

In essence, the module permits the user to pay a percentage of any subscription or invoice to sales representatives who are each one of them. If you’re an organization that have this option, you’re probably paying for a third-party service. By using with this program, you don’t be required to do so pay for it anymore.

The Perfex CRM Addons was not just designed to serve service providers. by utilizing this feature, any company which deals with inventory could benefit from this robust platform. “Inventory Management for Perfex CRM Addons” does exactly what it says and permits you to monitor your products across your company’s supply chain.

Because you can access all of your data on a single platform, you are able to make better informed decisions using commas and also attach these products or units to invoices or customers.

The most important feature that is missing in Perfex CRM Addons is perhaps the most important feature that’s not included. Perfex CRM Addons software is human resource management. This is a crucial element that many companies require so obviously there’s an extension for it. This will help you manage your employees’ payroll, employee shifts working hours, hours of work as well as insurance details, and many more.

In essence, if you’re an employee-only business that is small employing the human resources module can be extremely beneficial in saving time and cash.

WooCommerce Module to Perfex CRM

This WooCommerce Module to Perfex CRM Addons effectively creates a bridge between the online shop and your CRM. All order data is transferred from your store to your management system. For instance, any customer, invoices, orders and items are transferred back and forth between the two platforms.

Concerning integration, the API for the Perfex CRM Addons module allows you to connect the software with third party applications. This feature, however, isn’t included in the core product however it is essential for those who use third-party tools. The API is operated using HTTPS and makes use of JSON as the data format. This allows you to connect to Zapier or email marketing platforms and much more. The possibilities are limitless.